Michael ShenkmanI consider myself to be a descendant of the prophet figure and a philosopher, and more specifically a Hegelian philosopher. My work is to help others knit together a tapestry of living that can partake of the generative way of our universe, to the full extent possible, and thereby participate in the process of rendering the human spiring more expansively and more encompassingly, that is, by aspiring.

My qualifications for such an undertaking:

  • A singular devotion to the creative endeavor and to those who undertake it;
  • A Ph.D. in philosophy, from Boston College, and a BA in Philosophy/Religion from Dickinson College;
  • A mentoring practice established exclusively in order to work with aspiring people, of all figurations, who have made the decision to embrace the creative life to the full extent their beings allow;
  • A daily regimen of research into the dynamics of aspiration, including deep philosophical research into how aspirations generate breakout concepts that reshape lives, as well as historical research into the formation of the aspiring figures and other kinds of research into the working of the mind that include aspiration as the way to engage increasing complexity; and
  • A concentration of conversation with creative people who are seeking to make such a life for themselves and don’t know quite yet, how to give this shape (who haven’t formed their own breakout creative ethic).

I have been utterly amazed at what this course of study, now nearly twenty years in process (if you exclude all the years of study in graduate and undergraduate study that led up to this), has revealed to me. New discoveries, through study and conversations, constantly force me to revise my work. They all cannot be treated in a book form, so many of these exploratory and tentative threads are offered and tested here.